Integration: Get The Most From Your Security Systems

How does Integrated Security work?
Why is Integrated Security better?
• Motion in ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Discontinue ...more
• Door opening ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Selective lock ...more
• Zone fault ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Set/Reset ...more
• Manual Pan/Tilt/Zoom signals to designated cameras
• Overrides of any current Access Control statuses
• Set/reset Alarm status
I.S. Programmable Responses:
• Alert Central Station
• Email/text alert to owner/designated responders
• Pop appropriate camera feed(s) to all responders
• Release of appropriate cameras to manual control

Integrated Security works by allowing you to program a multitude of responses—both in the Cloud and as control back to external hardware—based on any number of triggers from external hardware regardless of origin/type (cameras, access sensors, alarm fault sensors, motion, smoke, temperature,...). This allows the entire system to more accurately assess the detailed nature of a security event and respond in the most precise/appropriate manner, virtually eliminating undue responses to false alarms.

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