Burglar Alarm Systems

Protection when your business needs it the most. Patriot Security Group provides state-of-the-art burglar monitoring and full integration with a new or existing network based security system.

We can handle all of your security concerns

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Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional service.

To be a full service organization specializing in the technology needs of businesses.

To provide both equipment and service, so our customers need only make one call to get their job done.

To place customer satisfaction above all else.

Off-site Alarm Monitoring

Professional Service

You can depend on Patriot Security Group to handle all your burglar alarm and security needs. Why?

For new or replacement systems, we handle all aspects of the process; from design and installation to monitoring and maintenance. We use industry-leading Honeywell equipment for both wired and wireless systems.

Loss Prevention

External theft is not the only security threat to your company. Left unchecked, employee theft can quickly become a large contributor to product shrinkage. Often the presence of a state-of-the-art security system can help to deter both internal and external theft. Whether from an employee or a burglar, Patriot Security Group ensures you the maximum protection for your business and it's merchandise.


Our monitoring is furnished 24/7/365 by one of the largest central stations in the country. They currently monitor hundreds of thousands of alarms. Alarms typically register at the central station within 5 seconds and an operator responds within 10-12 seconds. Patriot Security Group can then further customize how your team is alerted.

Inspection · Testing · Preventive Maintenance

For existing installations, we service and maintain most of the popular systems that are commercially available. We can provide various types of maintenance and testing agreements - either standalone or bundled with other technology services we specialize in.


Maximize the effectiveness of any security system and minimize false alarms with video surveillance, entry way and door access control or full system integration - long time specialties of Patriot Security Group. Integrating systems under one efficient IT network unleashes the full potential of each system and is the goal of Patriot Security Group for every client we serve!