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• Access Control Systems
Regulate the movement of people into your building to protect your employees, your property and your company. Eliminate the hassle of having separate systems; Patriot Security Group offers full integration with new and existing network based security systems.

How does security integration between alarm, camera, and access control systems actually work?

Key Fob Monitoring System

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...the most important asset you have: your business!

Key-less Entry

No need to change locks, make or replace keys

Individualized Access Control

All devices can be programmed by time-of-day and day of-week on a "per entry-way" and "per employee" basis

Audit-Trail Reporting

Know who goes where and at what time - all the time!

Time and Attendance Reporting

Paperless time cards with break and lunch verification

Alarm Responses

Produce Email alerts and phone/camera system responses to entry breaches

Dual Authentication

Require two access methods for entry to sensitive areas

Anti-Pass Back

If someone does not enter legally, the same person is unable to exit. No Tailgating! Disable access entry at a moment's notice.

Central Monitoring & Control of Remote Locations

Our Internet-based systems allow secure monitoring and control of multi-site businesses from anywhere!

Telephone System Control/Monitoring

Link 2-way intercom & door control to your phone handsets!

Access Control Services from Patriot Security Group


We sell only top-quality, name brand products featuring:

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Patriot Security Group assembles access control systems from the top to bottom


Patriot Security Group offers full integration of your access control system with many of our professionally installed network security solutions.



Everything you need to take control of your system and use it:


Full-service recovery for all systems including previous 3rd-party installations


Patriot Security Group is a full-service IT company uniquely qualified to maximize your IT and technical infrastructure investments over the long term. Call us to learn how we can help you!